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About me and my work

I hate writing artist's statements, so I asked my closest friend Amy Michael to write on for me. She wrote it better than I ever could.

Based out of Pittsburg, KS, Phil Dellasega journeyed for many years in his evolution as an artist. His ability to blend multiple different mediums to create beautiful artwork has set him apart as much as his continual pursuit to challenge himself. Beginning with abstract art, using acrylic paint, Phil expanded his depth and breadth of the abstract artistic style. He produced various complex abstract designs that propelled the mind and sparked introspection and thought. Not one to linger in one place creatively, Phil began to work with watercolor. “I think I have found my perfect medium” he said to me. As with acrylic abstract art, watercolor came naturally to him. He expressed ideas, emotions, and beauty through his watercolor artwork.


However, he was not done evolving and pursuing his perfect medium. He began to take an interest in oils. His artwork is stunning, and one would think that he had reached the final crescendo in his symphony of art… but that was not the case. After becoming acquainted with oils, he began to take a renewed interest in airbrush. As he evolved and grew, he melded the various mediums together, along with colored pencils, to create the unique methods and powerful paintings he produces today. His passion for life is expressed through his artwork. The energy coming through in each painting evokes an emotion, a distant memory, a thought, a purpose. 


While searching for his “perfect medium” Phil found that his perfect medium was a blend of various different mediums, converging into one another in a spectacular grand finale. His artwork is truly unique, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. 

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